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I've read business books ten times as long by authors 1,000 times more famous that weren't half as helpful. In "The Conscious Entrepreneur," Ron Ernst succinctly challenges entrepreneurs with clear insights, thoughtful questions, eye-opening danger signs and actionable "what-to-do-now" recommendations.

Best of all, Ron Ernst's book carefully balances the personal and prefessional development that are inextricably linked for entrepreneurs and the people around them at various stages of their companies' growth.

Bruce Hetrick, Chair and CEO,

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Ron Ernst

Ron Ernst is an executive development coach, based in Indianapolis.

As president and founder of Leadership Horizons, he has coached first, second and third generation entrepreneurs in a variety of industries - service firms, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers through various stages of growth.

The executive development workshops based on his first book "RealTime Coaching" have been attended by more than 4,500 managers in the US and Canada. His new book is  "The Conscious Entrepreneur."


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Click Here for a Free Download of Ron's Article "Navigating the Stages of Growth"  from the Indianapolis Business Journal's Fall 2008 INBiz Insert honoring Indiana's 50 Companies to Watch.

Nate Feltman, Indiana's Secretary of Commerce, distributed Ron's "The Conscious Entrepreneur" to all winners of Indiana's "50 Companies to Watch".

Need A Coach?

If you are a C-level entrepreneur have you ever considered using a coach to ramp up your business and personal life? Well, here's your opportunity. As an exclusive offer to CE Tool Box subscribers (see subscription box above) I'm offering a complimentary coaching session that allows you to find out what it's like!

During our 60-90 minute session in my office, I'll help you gain clarity on your goals, outline an action plan to get and stay focused, and uncover obstacles that may be in your way. I'll share with you customized options for future sessions, and you'll discover how working with a coach can help you become the leader, entrepreneur, and person, you want to be.

Contact me now at 317-844-5587 or to schedule your complimentary session. No obligation of course.

Ron Ernst
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