Vistage Membership

Membership in a Vistage group is a mutual decision between you and I.

There are two steps:


During the 30 minute zoom meeting, I will learn more about your comapny as well as you will learn more about Vistage and my group. By the end of this meeting, you will decide if you were interested in learning more about my group and I will know if there is a potential fit and if you and your company are qualified for membership. If we both agree that it makes sense to continue, we will schedule a final meeting.


The final step in the process is a 60-minute zoom meeting. By the end of this meeting, it is intended that we will have reached a mutual decision. You will decide if Vistage and my group will provide you with sufficient value and return on investment and I will determine if you and your company are a good fit for me and my group. If we both agree the membership makes sense, we will complete a membership application with payment information today and schedule our upcoming meetings.