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TopLeaF: Managing Your Corporate Lifecycle

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Creating the Sustainable Organization*:
Unlocking the Leadership Secrets of the Corporate Lifecycle


Grow, stagnate or perish...
Your company, no matter how unique, passes through, or gets stuck in, predictable stages of growth and development—a corporate life cycle.

First, get your bearings...
Identifying your company's position on the corporate lifecycle dictates the leadership focus you need now and what to change to move to the next stage of growth.

Realize that what works today won't work tomorrow...
All organizations face "stage specific" problems and the leadership required for success in one stage can cause failure in the next.

The road to success (and failure) is paved with great intentions...
Guiding your organization through each stage of the lifecycle requires continuous changes in your leadership and management style. Failing to understand what is needed–or not needed–at each stage inhibits growth and can plunge your company into premature aging.

Knowledge is power...
When armed with the right knowledge, tools, guidance and peer support you can speedily grow your company and create lasting sustainability*.

There is a GPS for corporate growth and development...
You don't have to feel like you're the only one driving the bus and you can grow your company faster and achieve sustainability*–that is not solely dependent on you–when you know the road ahead.

Introducing TopLeaF® : A Top Leadership Forum for the Road Ahead:
TopLeaF is an intensive leadership program for entrepreneurs and top executive teams. By unlocking the secrets of the corporate lifecycle, TopLeaF provides the critical insights, guidance and peer support you need to lead your organization through the fundamental changes required for profitable, sustainable growth.

Turn Good Intentions Into Great Results
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*A sustainable organization has attained an optimal level of adaptability that profitably propels the organization into the future independent of current leadership.

TopLeaF® is a management training program developed by internationally renowned speaker, author, and leadership development consultant Dr. Ichak Adizes, founder and director of The Adizes Institute in Santa Barbara, CA


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